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Friday prayers cancelled after three bombs found in Aden mosques

Security forces cancel prayers in Mansoura and Sheik Othman districts after worshipper spots bomb in shoe rack.

Aden // Friday prayers were cancelled in two districts of Aden after bombs planted in shoe racks were discovered at three mosques.

The first bomb was found just before noon by a worshipper at Al Ridha Mosque in Mansoura district who informed the authorities, a source in Aden’s security services said.

The security services then sent out a bomb squad to defuse the bomb and search for others.

“The security forces inspected all mosques in Mansoura district and discovered two more bombs in the shoe racks at Abobakr and Al Sahaba mosques. They were timed to explode after the prayers,” the source told The National.

Security officials then issued an order cancelling prayers in most of the mosques in Mansoura as well as Sheik Othman, the two Aden districts that have witnessed the most miltant attacks.

Al Qaeda and its rival ISIL have frequently targetes government officials and security services in Aden after it was liberated from Houthi rebels by loyalist fighters and the Saudi-led military coalition in June last year. However, this was the first time that bombs have been found at mosques.

“The discovery of the bombs inside the mosques is a big success for the security forces in Aden, who are working hard with the help of the coalition forces to secure the province,” the security source said.

Security forces backed by fighters from the Southern Resistance and coalition forces drove Al Qaeda militants out Mansoura in March and the district is under strict security, the source said.

Mohammed Salem, 37, a resident of Mansoura, said the discovery of the bombs had made people fearful of going to the mosque to pray.

“Today was the first time Friday prayers have been cancelled in my city. I believe these people who planted the bombs do not have any humanity, as they are targeting civilians in mosques,” Mr Salem said.

ISIL claimed a string of bombings at mosques in Sanaa last year that left scores dead.


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