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UK-based brother of Syrian opposition fighters killed

Two of Abdul Deghayes’s siblings were killed fighting for an Al Qaeda-linked group

Three of the Deghayes brothers allegedly fought with Jahbat Al Nusra. Reuters.
Three of the Deghayes brothers allegedly fought with Jahbat Al Nusra. Reuters.

A British drug dealer stabbed to death on Sunday was the brother of three members of an Al Qaeda-linked group, two who are now dead. Abdul Deghayes, 22, was the son of Abubaker, recently found guilty of intimidating his wife. Omar, uncle to the four boys, spent five years in Guantanamo Bay but was never charged.

Abdul’s twin Abdullah, 18, and younger brother Jaffar, 17, were killed in 2014 whilst allegedly fighting alongside Jabhat Al Nusra as they sought to topple Syrian president Bashar Al Assad. At the time, the terror group was still officially an Al Qaeda affiliate.

The third brother, Amer Deghayes, is said to still be alive and is believed to be with a successor of Nusra, Hayat Tahrir Al Sham, which has shed its Al Qaeda status.

"We are aware that the car was in collision with other vehicles shortly before he was found to have suffered these injuries, which we are satisfied were caused maliciously and not as a result of the collision,” said chief inspector Andy Bennett. A 26-year-old has been arrested after handing himself in on Sunday afternoon in Brighton.

The father described Abdul Deghayes as “cheerful” and “popular”.

Abubaker Deghayes, 50, was found not guilty of assaulting his wife in May 2017 – but was found guilty of trying to intimidate her into not giving evidence.

His brother Omar was detained at the notorious Guantanamo Bay from 2002 until 2007 but never charged. Omar Deghayes said he was blinded in one eye after a guard assaulted him at the detention centre. He has previously slammed UK authorities for failing to stop the radicalisation of his nephews.

Updated: February 18, 2019 10:20 PM