Abu Dhabi, UAESunday 23 September 2018

Trump arrives in Paris for Bastille Day visit

Donald Trump will be meeting his host, President Emmanuel Macron, ahead of the French national day celebrations as the two leaders look to set aside their differences on trade and climate change 

Donald Trump arrived in Paris on Thursday for a presidential visit filled with Bastille Day pomp and which the White House hopes will offer respite from rolling scandal backing home.

Air Force One touched down at Paris' Orly Airport, beginning a 24 hour trip that coincides with France's national day and the 100th anniversary of US involvement in the First World War.

Mr Trump is due to meet his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron ahead of the Bastille Day celebrations as the two leaders look to set aside their differences on trade and climate change.

Mr Trump arrived in the French capital after an overnight flight from Washington and hours before his meeting with Mr Macron to tackle potential solutions to the crisis in Syria and broader counterterrorism strategies.

The US president's decision last month to withdraw from the Paris climate accord sparked outrage across Europe and anti-Trump protests are planned while he is in Paris.

Mr Macron, a staunch advocate of research to combat global warming, has beckoned "all responsible citizens" including American scientists and researchers, to bring their fight against climate change to France.