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Sightline with Tim Marshall: Emmanuel Macron is losing his own people

The French president's popularity has plummeted as high fuel prices spark protests

The French president Emmanuel Macron has been one of few prominent European leaders going against the tide of authoritarian or far-right government. But now the young centrist is losing his own people, as France has erupted in protest over rising fuel prices.

With the current American president all but opting out as 'leader of the free world' and the rise of strong-arm nationalist leaders elsewhere, Macron was thought to be a steady figure to fill a certain leadership void. But if he cannot hold his own people, the world might have to look elsewhere as he looks to mend his own country.

Tim Marshall from The National's London bureau explains the current unrest in French politics and how it relates to the current tide of global affairs in the latest edition of Sightline. Watch the video above.


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