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Four Muslim MPs sent suspicious packages in 24 hours

The packages also contained letters advocating violence against Muslims

Four Muslim MPs have received suspicious packages in the past 24 hours
Four Muslim MPs have received suspicious packages in the past 24 hours

Four Muslim MPs have had suspicious packages sent to their Westminster offices in the past two days, including copies of a letter advocating violence against Muslims on a so called “Punish a Muslim” day.

The four MPs to receive the letters were Rupa Huq, Rushanara Ali, Mohammad Yasin, and Afzal Khan, all Labour party MP’s.

They were all sent to the Norman Shaw north building in Westminster, a building which houses the offices of MPs and sits close to the palace of Westminster.

A member of Ms Huq’s staff was sent to hospital as a precaution on Tuesday, whilst two people were admitted to hospital as a precaution on Tuesday. All were later discharged.

The packages included a copy of a letter that drew widespread condemnation last week after it was sent to various addresses across the UK.


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British police investigate calls to attack Muslims


Rupaq Huq told The Guardian “It is to put the frighteners on us but we won’t be cowed. I’m sure I won’t be the last and I’m sure this is part of a pattern of targeting Muslim MPs. Among my colleagues, people have shown support but they are outraged.”

In a statement, Downing Street voiced its concerns over the packages. “The prime minister is clear there is no space for racism, intimidation or extremism in the country or in parliament, so of course the reports are concerning”.

The Metropolitan police confirmed they were investigating the packages.

Updated: March 13, 2018 10:33 PM