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Euromaidan five years on: Kiev's street revolution that changed Ukraine - in pictures

The capital's 2013-2014 protests pitted thousands of Ukrainians against the government and security forces

Thursday marks the fifth anniversary of a political revolution in Ukraine in which months of street protests and unrest led to pro-Russian president Viktor Yanukovych fleeing the country.

The Euromaidan protests – which pitted thousands of Ukrainians, angry about the government’s 2013 decision to freeze talks on joining the EU – against the Yanukovych government and the security forces.

Thousands of people turned the capital’s Independence Square into a protest camp, attracting Ukrainians angry over allegations of government corruption and human rights violations.

Images of flag-waving protests, burning barricades and demonstrators sheltering behind makeshift shields amid fierce fighting were beamed across the world and Ukraine’s government came under increasing international pressure.

More than 100 people – mostly civilian demonstrators – were killed and hundreds more remain missing.

On February 21, an agreement brokered by Russia and the EU was signed by Mr Yanukovych and opposition leaders, who included former world heavyweight boxing champion Vitali Klitschko. It was intended to return Ukraine to its 2004 constitution and call new elections.

A day later, more than 70 per cent of Ukrainian MPs voted to remove Mr Yanukovych from power but by that stage, the deposed president had fled to Russia, where he currently lives in exile.


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