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British ‘yellow vest’ leader wanted to ‘ban Islam from the west’

James Goddard said that he didn’t think that the religion was “compatible with the west”

James Goddard, one of the most prominent ‘yellow vest’ protesters who have been intimidating MPs and journalists outside the Houses of Parliament, previously said that he wanted to “ban Islam from the west”.

The Guardian uncovered a video uploaded in September 2018 in which Mr Goddard debates with the imam of a mosque in north London, Jaffer Ladak, about Islam.

Mr Goddard said that mosques in the UK, which number around 2,000, “shouldn’t be there” and he would support “getting rid of them”.


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When challenged about how Muslims could be forced to leave the UK and the mosques removed, Mr Goddard said: “I wouldn’t blow them up. If I ever got into power I’d give you all £5,000 to £10,000 and ask you to leave. I don’t believe that Islam should be in the west, no. This is a Christian country.”

Mr Goddard also called Islam “a threat to every man, woman and child in this country”.

“I just don’t think that Islam is compatible with the west. I just don’t think that people who believe in child marriage and terrorism should be in the United Kingdom, or Europe for that matter. That book poses a threat, and as long as that book exists there will never be peace in the west.”

Another video on YouTube shows Mr Goddard addressing a rally in central London during the summer of 2018 in support of the far-right activist ‘Tommy Robinson’ (aka Stephen Yaxley-Lennon).

“The establishment in there [Parliament] are absolutely terrified of what we have,” Mr Goddard says.

“Why do they tell us we can be angry about Grenfell but not about Manchester, not about London Bridge, not about Westminster Bridge? Because it doesn’t fit their narrative! The elite that run this country, especially those satanic paedophiles in there, are going to bring us to our knees. Are we going to let that happen? We need you on our side to bring these people down!”

On Tuesday, Facebook and PayPal shutdown Mr Goddard’s accounts on their sites, however it appeared on Wednesday that he was now attempting to raise funds through the website Donorbox:

Updated: January 10, 2019 12:26 AM