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Banking heir robbed in London of £500,000 of jewellery

Kate Rothschild’s home was targeted by thieves who made away with rings and other personal heirlooms

Robbers have targeted Kate Rothschild, scion of the famous banking dynasty, making off with jewels worth up to £500,000 from her house in southwest London while her children slept in their rooms.

The Evening Standard reports that the 35-year-old Ms Rothschild was returning from a night out at a book launch with her partner Paul Forkan when she discovered that her bedroom door had been locked from the inside.

Mr Forkan climbed into the bedroom through the window and despite there being no sign of a break-in, Ms Rothschild discovered that a pink jewellery box which contained her valuables, including wedding and engagement rings and an antique brooch shaped like a dragonfly.

The box, which came from the luxury retailer Thomas Goode contained “everything precious” to Ms Rothschild, the newspaper reports, including rings from her former marriage to financier and Ben Goldsmith.

The couple divorced in 2013 but remain friends. Mr Goldsmith, 37 – who is the younger brother of Tory MP Zac – told the Standard: “They took every single thing of value Kate has, her wedding ring, engagement ring, everything I gave her during our marriage, special things from when she was a teenager, things from her father and her grandmother.

“These things should have been passed on to our daughter Iris, and to her daughter. I hope they catch this person. I hope we get these things back. I can’t imagine the kind of person that breaks into women’s bedrooms to steal their most precious things. I will pay a reward to anyone with useful information.”

The couple’s sons Frank, 12, and Isaac, 10, and their babysitter were all asleep when Ms Rothschild returned home at 2am. Her dog failed to detect the intruders. Ms Rothschild is said to be distraught about the loss of personal heirlooms including pieces handed down from her father Amschel, but is happy that her children were not hurt.

Updated: April 26, 2018 01:14 AM