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Anti-Islamic Dutch politician enters UK

Anti-Islamic Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders has arrived in the UK and is set to address the media at London's Parliament.

Anti-Islamic Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders, who has won an appeal to be allowed to enter Britain, is due to address the media at London's Parliament, he said today. Mr Wilders, who describes the Quran as fascistic and opposes Muslim immigration to the Netherlands, is known for his 15 minute film "Fitna," which outraged Muslims across the world by suggesting that Islam was synonymous with terrorism.

The British government banned him from the country earlier this year, arguing that his presence could incite violence. But Mr Wilders successfully appealed the ban earlier this week and British officials had said they would not turn him back at the airport as they did in February, when he was sent back to Amsterdam over Dutch objections. Mr Wilders told The Associated Press this morning he had "landed and passed immigration" at London's Heathrow Airport. Nevertheless, British officials have suggested that Mr Wilders would be watched during his stay in the country.

"Clearly Mr. Wilders' statements and behavior during a visit will inevitably impact on any future decisions to admit him," Britain's Home Office said in a statement on Thursday. British Muslims are opposed Mr Wilders' politics, but have been divided on how best to deal with him. Some Muslim community groups support the government's efforts to keep him out of the country, while others argue that the ban has been counterproductive.

* AP