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Dramatic rise in coronavirus cases among youngsters in England

Daily cases in England up to 3,200 as number of cases among over 50s declining

Coronavirus cases in England are increasing by up to 3,200 a day with latest figures showing the majority of cases are among the younger generation.

Almost 40,000 people had the virus during the week August 30 to September 5, according to the figures released by the UK’s Office of National Statistics on Friday. The 39,700 positive tests equate to one in 1,400 people, it said.


The previous week the figures stood at one in every 2,000 people.

“The most recent modelled estimate suggests that the number of infections has increased in recent weeks,” its report warns.

“In recent weeks, there has been an increase in the number of people testing positive for Covid-19 aged 17 to 24 years and 25 to 34 years whereas the number of people testing positive for Covid-19 aged 50 years and over appears to be stable or declining.”

During the most recent week, the ONS estimates that there were around 0.58 new Covid-19 infections for every 10,000 people per day in England, equating to approximately 3,200 new cases per day.

“Evidence suggests that the incidence rate for England has increased in recent weeks,” it added.

For the same period, it estimates that 1,200 have been infected in Wales, equating to one in 2,600 people. It is a slight decline from the week before.

On Monday, the UK is introducing new restriction measures in England to tackle the rise in cases, predominantly among young people. It will limit gatherings to no more than six people.

Earlier on Friday, the UK announced that it would be launching a tracing app for England and Wales on September 24.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has described it as a “defining moment”, saying it would help to contain the virus “at a critical time”.

Updated: September 11, 2020 09:36 PM

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