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S Korea 'has proof' North sank warship

South Korea's foreign minister says there is enough evidence North Korea sank one of the South's warships.

South Korea's foreign minister said it was "obvious" North Korea sank one of the South's warships and there was enough evidence to take the case to the United Nations Security Council. Asked by journalists whether the North had sunk the Cheonan, Yu Myung-Hwan replied: "I think it's obvious". When asked if Seoul had sufficient proof to bring the issue to the world body, Yu replied: "Yes, we have enough evidence."

A multinational investigation team will report on Thursday on the sinking of the 1,200-tonne corvette near the disputed inter-Korean border on March 26, with the loss of 46 lives. Top South Korean officials had previously hinted strongly that the North was involved. But Mr Yu was the first publicly to implicate the communist state, which denies involvement. *AFP