Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 9 December 2019

Miracle bus smash escape caught on CCTV

Onlookers stunned to see woman and child almost unscathed as they leave vehicle after horrific collision

Two bus passengers made a miraculous escape when the vehicle they were travelling in was flipped in a hit-and-run crash.

Security camera footage from the street shows the single-decker driving along a road when a smaller van pulls into its side.

The bus then skids across the carriageway, vaults a central reservation and flips over on the road.

Footage from the inside shows a little boy and an adult supervisor thrown around the cabin and being slammed against the ceiling during the collision.

But the shaken woman immediately picks herself up and helps the child from the wreckage, escaping almost unharmed.

The incident happened in the Indian state of Karnataka.

Updated: July 17, 2019 09:49 AM