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Milk scandal worsens in HK

Two more infants are found to have kidney stones after drinking contaminated milk in China.

HONG KONG // The Hong Kong government has said two more children have been diagnosed with kidney stones after drinking tainted milk, bringing the total number of cases to four. The government said in a statement today that the patients are a 2-year-old boy and a 9-year-old boy. Both children are in stable condition. The statement said both patients were born in Hong Kong but live in neighbouring China and drank milk contaminated with melamine there.

Baby formula tainted with melamine has sickened nearly 53,000 Chinese infants and killed four. The Hong Kong government also said the industrial chemical melamine had been found in a locally sold cake. A statement said the substance was found in the Four Seas brand of strawberry flavoured cake. Four Seas is a Hong Kong company. Government tests also found melamine in Chinese-made White Rabbit candies. Singapore food regulators also detected the chemical in the same sweets. *AP