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Gas leak kills 30 at mine in China

After a gas leak killed 30 miners and injured 77 in Southwestern China, authorities detained three officials at the coal mine, state television reports.

BEIJING // Authorities detained three managers of a coal mine in Southwestern China where a gas leak killed 30 miners and injured 77, state television reported Sunday. There were 131 people working in the Tonghua mine when the accident occurred Saturday, reports state. The official Xinhua News Agency said 20 miners were trapped but were later rescued. The mine's boss, chief engineer and project manager were detained after an initial investigation found they might have violated operating rules, China Central Television reported Sunday. It gave no other details. China's coal mines are the world's deadliest, despite a multi-year government effort to reduce fatalities. Most accidents are blamed on failure to follow safety rules or lack of required ventilation, fire-control and other equipment.

* Associated Press