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The Egyptian military's transitional road map

Here is the Egyptian military's plan for the country's political transition.

Here is the Egyptian military's plan for the country's political transition:


The constitution will be temporarily suspended.

The head of the Supreme Constitutional Court will take the oath of office and becomes interim president.

Presidential elections will be held as early as is practical.

The interim president will have the power to issue constitutional declarations until the election of a new president.

A cabinet wil be appointed of national, strong, capable experts to run the government during the transitional period.

A committee of experts from across the spectrum will be created to review the proposed amendments to the suspended constitution.

The Supreme Constitutional Court will expedite an elections law for parliament and start to take measures to prepare for parliamentary elections.

A media code of ethics will be written that ensures media freedom and achieves professional standards, credibility and objectivity while prioritising the nation's interests.

Executive measures will be taken to empower and engage youth in the state institutions. They should be decision-making partners and aides to ministers, governors and different executive posts.

A committee will be formed for national reconciliation, consisting of people who enjoy credibility and acceptance by national elites and represent differing movements.

Peaceful protest will be allowed, but violence will be confronted.