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Man marries four brides at same time

In a lavish white wedding a South African man has married four women, the mothers of seven of his children, at once.

KWAZULU NATAL // A South African man walked four brides to the altar, marrying them at the same time to save money and prevent cheating, the Sunday Times newspaper in South Africa reported. Although polygamy is legally recognised in South Africa, Milton Mbhele, who has 10 children, was still unusual in organising the weddings at the same time. Mr Mbhele, 44, a local government employee from KwaZulu Natal, pledged his undying and equal love at a lavish white wedding held in a giant marquee in a sports field.

"This is the day I've been waiting for all my life," Mr Mbhele said, before taking his multiple vows, the newspaper reported. Mr Mbhele, in a white linen suit, and his four brides, wearing white princess gowns and tiaras, arrived together in a limo. The bridegroom, who has seven children with his four brides and three from previous relationships, said his Zulu culture and economic reasons were the background for the unusual wedding.

"It doesn't help to have one wife and have 30 girlfriends that drain you so much you end up with no money," Mr Mbhele said. He said he loved his brides equally and there was good competition among them. Eight cows were due to be slaughtered on Sunday at the bridegroom's home for the traditional part of the ceremony. No comment was available from Mr Mbhele's four new mothers-in-law. * AFP