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Kenyan policeman kills 10 in bar shootings

Authorities say killings started in police station after a row, then continued in a nearby bar where eight more were shot dead.

NAIROBI // A police officer in a central Kenyan town shot dead 10, including two colleagues and eight people in a bar, according to authorities.

The shooting spree happened late last night in Siakago, 150 kilometres northeast of the capital, Nairobi.

Provincial police chief Marcus Ochole said officials are investigating the shootings. He confirmed that 10 people had been killed.

Reports today said the shootings started after the gunman was involved in a row with colleagues. The shooting began when the officer grabbed his weapon during the row at Siakago police station, shooting dead two colleagues.

Police said he then continued shooting indiscriminately, killing eight civilians before giving himself up for arrest and being taken into custody.

John Chelimo, the district commissioner, said the suspect, who, he said, was in his 30s, went out last night looking for a female friend but could not find her.

"He has not talked and the motive is not clear," Mr Chelimo said.

Many townspeople did not realise what was happening because they mistook the gunfire for fireworks, Mr Newite said. Many Hindus in Kenya were celebrating the festival of Diwali yesterday.

The killings sparked a mass protest in front of the Siakago police station early today, said Nyaga Manunga, whose daughter was one of those killed. He said the shootings took place very close to the police station.

"In Siakago there is no security," Mr Manunga said. "Someone can just shoot 20 to 30 bullets without any reaction from the police."