x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 24 January 2018

Work problems and no social life

Parking problems can kill one's social life, one reader laments.

I refer to two letters to the editor published under the headline Many problems have arisen with Mawaqif parking (February 17). So I'm going to have friends over for dinner from out of town and then they'll spend the weekend with us. Where exactly are they supposed to park given that the blue/black spots are only for residents past 9pm? There surely aren't enough blue/white spots available at that point.

Also in my area, we have a 24-hour hypermarket and a 24-hour hospital. Where do patrons park past 9pm if they want to use these services?

One last thing: I begin my work at 7am but I'll get a fine if I park in "residence" only parking before 8am.

Mawaqif has put us in a position of absolutely no social life with family or friends and issues with work as well. Has Mawaqif thought about these real life scenarios?

F D'Souza, Abu Dhabi