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Weather doesn't cause car crashes, people are to blame

Instead of blaming fog or other unusual weather for accidents, people should drive more carefully, a reader says. Other letter topics: the British Virgin Islands, salary levels, Syria and the new Pope.

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Human errors cause mishaps, not the weather

I refer to RTA plans to make fog lights mandatory, (March 16).

Poor visibility does not cause crashes. While it is a contributory factor, it is bad, dangerous or careless driving that causes crashes.

Yes, fog lights and their use should be mandatory and the lights are fitted to most cars manufactured over the last 10 years.

Hazard warning lights should not be used unless the vehicle is stationary, which is the purpose for which they are fitted. And the police should take far stricter action against tailgaters and weavers.

At the end of the day it is drivers and occasionally mechanical failure that cause accidents. Don't blame it on the weather.

Jeremy Weeks, Abu Dhabi

Whenever there is heavy fog, sensible drivers slow down and switch on their fog lights. These are simple steps and a matter of common sense. But careless drivers just do not bother about them.

If brandishing a weapon and firing randomly are regarded as crimes, and perpetrators are punished, then why is dangerous driving not frowned upon or stigmatised?

Abdulkhaliq, Abu Dhabi

Accident numbers need context

The story, UAE roads twice as safe as US as death and injury numbers fall (March 10), left me wondering about the numbers quoted.

I believe that you can't compare correctly without also considering the number of drivers in each country. The UAE consists of fewer than 10 million people while the US has over 300 million.

I can tell you that after living in both places, I believe that the UAE feels much safer when it comes to the risk of crime. But in driving matters, American roads feel far safer than the ones here.

K Ebertowski, Dubai

BVI's links with the Gulf are not new

The article BVI turns attentions towards the Gulf (March 11) incorrectly suggests that the British Virgin Islands financial-services sector has only just turned its attentions to the Arabian Gulf in reaction to increased pressure from the US.

In fact, the BVI has been building close links with the Arabian Gulf region since an inaugural fact-finding mission in 2008, and has become an attractive option for Mena businesses and investors. BVI structures are being used by firms across the Mena region.

A delegation from the BVI was in Dubai this month to reaffirm close ties with investors and businesses. This was the sixth successive year that the BVI has sponsored business conferences in Dubai.

Plans are already in place for an official visit to Abu Dhabi. It is our aim to continue to strengthen and deepen the relationship.

Elise Donovan, executive director, BVI International Finance Centre

Pay expectations must be realistic

I refer to National debate call on UAE public/private sector pay and hours divide (February 25).

I believe that there are jobs out there, but some candidates have unrealistic expectations about salaries. Some young people, I have heard, expect a starting salary of between Dh19,000 and Dh27,000, which is really a more likely goal after five years or so in a job.

I know people who have worked in the UAE for more than 10 years and still don't earn Dh27,000. Yet they are content, they do their jobs and manage to live a good life.

Name withheld by request

Arming rebels has consequences

I refer to the news, EU rejects bid to lift Syrian arms ban (March 16).

Britain and France were at the forefront to topple Muammar Gaddafi. Look what happened. All the weapons he secured are proliferating everywhere. Militants roam the streets of Benghazi.

Ray Joseph Cormier, Canada

Vampire Facial needs expertise

Thank you for discussing the Vampire procedures (Tried and tested: the Vampire Facial, January 11).

These are trademarked procedures that must be done in a specific way or the results could be less than desirable.

Ensure that your provider is certified to offer the procedure.

Charles Runels, Dubai

Pope's speech shows his humility

I would like to congratulate my Christian friends on the occasion of the election of Pope Francis.

I heard his first speech, which reflected his humility.

What struck me was that instead of leading the people in prayers, he asked them to pray for him to carry out his duties.

Ehsan Ahmed, Dubai