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We do not need an occasion to celebrate love

Commercialisation of occasions such as Valentine's Day is regrettable. Other topics include: Filipinas, UK visa, child abuse, Sheikh Zayed Grand Moque

A reader laments commercialisation of occasions such as Valentine's Day. Sarah Dea / The National
A reader laments commercialisation of occasions such as Valentine's Day. Sarah Dea / The National

Love is in the air for UAE's hospitality sector as Valentine's Day nears (February 13) is informative. At the same time, I must say that this occasion has lost much of its meaning because it's more a celebration of commerce than love.

Unfortunately, commerce has engulfed our life, so much so that even love is not spared. Valentine's Day is a good example.

Although there are disputes over the myth behind Valentine's Day, it's the occasion that matters.

Also, why celebrate love on a particular day and allow jewellery stores, hotels and restaurants to cash in on this occasion?

It's funny to see jewellery stores sell heart-shaped designs to attract male customers. It's also amusing to watch how hotels and restaurants try to woo couples with various offers. Valentine's Day really brings blessings for them.

Love and affection are human emotions. Do we really need an occasion to express them? I do not think so - at least not in such a commercial way.

Ramachandran Nair, Oman

Job agents must spare Filipinas

Recruitment agencies that rely on Filipina women should simply consider another line of business (Maid shunned over minimum-wage demands, February 13).

I appeal to the Philippine government and members of civil societies to completely stop sending women abroad as maids.

It's true that many of these women have stories of success to tell, but the growing number of painful ones can no longer be considered negligible.

Raul J de Vera, Jr, Philippines

Emiratis should travel freely to UK

I am referring to EU debates visa-free travel for UAE citizens (February 11).

As a UK citizen, I don't need a visa to travel to the UAE. I cannot see why the UK requires visas for UAE citizens to enable them to enter my country.

The UK has huge immigration problems, both legal and illegal. Much of these problems come from the EU.

The UAE and its citizens have never been part of that problem.

Any UAE citizen visiting the UK is actually contributing to its economy.

Come on UK, remove the visa requirement.


Feeling sorry for the abused child

Wadeema's father is sentenced to death (February 14) is not surprising. But what about the mother? Where was she? She was rightly seeking justice.

But what justice did the innocent child get when she was abandoned and abused?

Name withheld by request

Mosque deserves the recognition

I am happy that Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque has been named among the world's most talked-about attractions (Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, now one of world's top attractions, February 11).

It's an architectural marvel and one of the world's most impressive modern Islamic architectural masterpieces, as you have mentioned in the report. Therefore, this recognition is appropriate.

Edna Sala, Abu Dhabi

Concern over electric pylons

Thank you for the interesting article, How cycling can make your hair stand on end (February 11).

The high-voltage electricity pylons, which run like an artery through Dubai, are a concern since they pass so close to many residences and schools.

People are not sure what sort of effect they may have on the health of those exposed to their electromagnetic fields for a long period of time, not to mention that they are unsightly.

It would be great to see an initiative to move them underground. The same is true of mobile phone masts and cell phone towers, which are placed uncomfortably close to homes and schools.

In many countries, there are laws that require mobile phone masts to be placed no closer than a specified distance from homes and schools.

A law for this in the UAE will be welcome.

Erum Gulmann, Dubai

Article expresses the right attitude

I enjoyed reading Shades of grey as the nation fights scourge of child abuse (January 23).

It's an enlightening article. I'm very happy that women from the Gulf region are expressing themselves and writing such articles that make a difference in people's lives.

Wilma Wright, US