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Walking for health

With so many cases of diabetes in the UAE, and many more forecast, it is past time to begin taking personal health seriously, one reader says. Other letter topics today: rent scams in Dubai, Gaza aggression, protecting cats and a charitable inspiration.

The World Diabetes Day walk at Yas Island. A reader says exercise helps prevent diabetes. Duncan Chard / The National
The World Diabetes Day walk at Yas Island. A reader says exercise helps prevent diabetes. Duncan Chard / The National

Rent committee needs overhaul in wake of scam

I am writing to you in reference to Lawyers seek leniency for victims of rent scam (November 15).

This case and many others demonstrate that, although the concept of the rent committee is a positive one, there are many faults within its structure and procedures that will either make it ineffective or result in illogical judgments.

The lesson learnt from this unfortunate incident is to address these structural and procedural defects, and to provide the community with an exemplary rent tribunal system that follows best practice from other nations.

I am positive that a number of law firms and other groups would volunteer to provide input, leading to a consultation process for amendments and improvements to the system.

A Arwa, Abu Dhabi

A case of too many maids?

I am writing in reference to Employers ignoring wage law for Filipinos (November 13).

Surely the UAE Government and the Philippines Government need to arrange a deal so that there is a limit on maids per household.

If the US$400 (Dh1,470) is not paid to each maid, then the employer should be punished.

D Crawly, Dubai

Netanyahu must shoulder blame

There can now be little doubt within the global community that the Netanyahu government's continuing violation of international law is bringing the Middle East ever nearer to the brink of war.

Currently, global stock markets have yet to reflect this very real potential danger, but that can change virtually overnight.

Douglas Reed, UK

Cat protectors deserve support

I love animals, so I was pleased to read Stray cats no longer have the blues (November 17).

Kremena Ivanova and the small band of people like her are doing great work, and they deserve all the support they can get.

Yes, I know there are many pressing problems in the world, but the way we look after animals says a lot about our humanity.

Margaret Smith, Dubai

Charitable nature begins at home

I am writing in response to Girl, 9, raises Dh10,000 for UAE charity.

I know Aaliyah North and her family, and it's a great tribute to her parents that they have such a caring and compassionate child.

It makes me proud to be able to say I know them. Aaliyah, please don't change; you are an inspiration to us all.

J Gon, Abu Dhabi

Exercise key to beating diabetes

Your editorial Commit to good health (November14) was quite revealing.

According to the World Health Organisation, the number of global diabetes cases will be double the current figure of 346 million by 2030. This is really an alarming situation.

The fact that the UAE has so many cases of diabetes is a sad state of affairs.

Clearly, we all have to look after our health carefully. Choosing the right diet and making a little exertion each day will certainly reduce the incidence of diabetes.

K Ragavan, India

Concern over pilot flying into a rage

Pilot denies car attack (November 16) caught my attention.

If the account from the witness is correct, should we be more alarmed at this man's violent sense of insecurity or the fact that he's allowed to pilot an aircraft?

M Dixon, Dubai

Fine a small price to pay for top staff

I was interested to read Saudi sets new foreign hiring policy (November 15).

A fine of US$640 (Dh 2,350) a year for hiring too many foreigners is well worth it.

I'd happily pay that and keep employing the best staff available, regardless of where they were from.

I Fletcher, Dubai

All-you-can-eat way to gluttony

I was quite disturbed to read Deal fit for a King (November 16).

To my mind, it is irresponsible for a multinational company such as Burger King to encourage people in Japan to eat all they can from a buffet for "a full half-hour".

It's bad enough to let people gorge themselves, but doubly bad to give them a deadline.

Mary Morris, Dubai