x Abu Dhabi, UAESunday 21 January 2018

US authorities must be investigated for Dreamliners

Women deserve to take their full place in all aspects of UAE society. Other topics: driving, public safety, Hard Rock Cafe, Dreamliner.

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Irresponsible drivers must pay higher penalty

Another foggy morning in Abu Dhabi, another near miss on my drive to work (Flights cancelled, delayed and diverted as fog hits Dubai airport (January 22).

Motorists have been repeatedly urged to slow down, use fog lights and low-beams, and avoid hazard lights and high-beams. But many still seem to ignore this advice.

When will they learn that it's not safe to speed, tailgate, fail to signal and operate mobile phones while driving, least of all when visibility is low?

Traffic authorities should consider increasing penalties for careless drivers during high-risk times. In Australia, for example, black points are doubled during Christmas and Easter holidays.

The authorities could also consider temporary revocation of licences of erring drivers.

R McGrath, Abu Dhabi

Women need to follow their dream

Ayesha Al Khoori's blog post, Careers, the Emirati husband repellent (January 24) filled me with hope that there are well-educated, independent women in this society who do not see themselves as being little more than an appendage to a successful man.

Ayesha, I am sure you gain immense satisfaction from your career now and look forward to a very exciting future.

I think men who disagree with you should take six months' paternity leave and give a go at some hands-on caretaking.

It happens elsewhere in the world, and it creates a wonderful lesson for children that the role of homemaking is shared equally between their mother and father.

Facing all the facets of running a home - raising children (and not abrogating this role to a nanny), keeping track of the children's education and so on - requires physical, mental and emotional capacity. Men who lack them quickly flee to their workplace or to their friends.

Women deserve to take their full place in all aspects of UAE society and if one clearly has this in mind and a dream to follow, why would anyone want to stop them? Life is much more than sitting about waiting for a husband. Ayesha is showing the way.

Judith Finnemore, Abu Dhabi

Men and women are not equal. We are built differently, physically, mentally and emotionally.

One cannot survive without the other. We depend on each other, and each has his or her role in society and the family. Change is good, it's inevitable. But we must be careful. We have seen the effects of these changes in some of the more advanced nations.

Family is most important. A broken family can cause more damage than one can imagine.

T Kaley, Dubai

Dubai machines refuse new coins

I am referring to Abu Dhabi Mawaqif: shiny new coins not accepted, (January 21). It's the same in Dubai - the machines accept only old Dh1 coins. The machines should be made to accept all coins issued in the country. This problem must be solved immediately.

Aziza Al Busaidy, Dubai

Safety concerns at Global Village

The circumstances surrounding the death of a visitor at Global Village were shocking (Dubai Police investigate man's death at Global Village, January 25). This is the second case of death at Global Village in the past three years. In 2010, one person reportedly died and 13 people were hurt when an entrance to the Indian pavilion collapsed.

I am concerned about the safety of the Ferris wheel at Global Village. The investigations being carried out in this case will hopefully lead to better safety regulations.

F Suhaill, Dubai

Dreamliners call for investigation

Dreamliner's safety problems are likely to continue (All Nippon Airways scraps further Dreamliner flights, January 27).

What needs to be addressed after a series of incident of this nature, with this particular model of aircraft manufactured by Boeing, is whether the Federal Aviation Administration has the necessary knowledge, expertise and particularly integrity to check the whole process of the manufacturing cycle, before issuing certification for airworthiness. Or does it rely more on Boeing's reputation to certify a new aircraft model such as the Dreamliner?

Haridas Nayak, Dubai

Hard Rock Cafe demolition is sad

I was sad to read the news that Dubai's old Hard Rock Cafe is being pulled down.

In fact, demolition has been going on for a good week or so. The cafe was a popular landmark in the emirate and it could have easily been preserved.

I wonder what is going to replace the building.

Dominic Kirkwood, Dubai