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UK queen does a world of good

A reader praises Queen Elizabeth II for being caring and well informed. Other letter topics: child abuse, text-driving, climate change and crocodiles.

Queen Elizabeth, pictured meeting Olympic athletes, does a lot of good work, a reader says. John Stilwell / AFP
Queen Elizabeth, pictured meeting Olympic athletes, does a lot of good work, a reader says. John Stilwell / AFP

The time for action on global climate change is now

Tanzeed Alam, director of policy for the Emirates Wildlife Society, is right to assert in A brief history of the future (September 27) that climate change calls for urgent action, but not for the reason he states.

Of the approximately $100 billion (Dh367 billion) spent each year in the world on climate finance, 95 per cent of it is devoted to controlling global climate decades in the future.

Only 5 per cent goes to helping people affected by real climate change, such as in the drought-stricken Sahel region of East Africa.

Even if it were possible to control climate change, it makes no sense to focus more on what might happen in the distant future than on helping vulnerable people adapt to climate change today.

When I spoke to African delegates at the Copenhagen Climate Conference in 2009, they were angry that developed countries seemed to place more value on people yet to be born than those suffering today.

Whether one believes humanity is causing problematic climate change or not, whether one is politically to the left, right or centre, it should not matter.

Tom Harris, International Climate Science Coalition, Canada

UK queen does a world of good

I am writing in reference to Alan Philips's article, Britain's monarchy raises the question of royal oversight (September 28).

Both of the examples cited in the article demonstrate Queen Elizabeth's genuine interest in doing good.

The British are very lucky to have her. She is well informed, well meaning and very caring.

B Zukerman, Dubai

Texting drivers should be fined

There is a very simple and obvious solution to the problem highlighted in Year on from footballer's death and drivers still text (September 28).

Every driver who is involved in a collision on the road, however minor, is currently tested for drugs and alcohol.

I think the driver should also be required to present his mobile phone to the police at the scene of the accident.

If the police suspect that the phone was in use at the time of the collision, it should be impounded and tested.

If the mobile was in use at the time of the collision, there should be an automatic six-month driving ban and a Dh20,000 fine.

If the driver was found to be texting at the time of the collision, there should be an automatic 12-month ban and Dh 50,000 dirham fine.

No exceptions, no excuses. Problem solved.

Dan Willis, Abu Dhabi

Communication tops to-do list

I was interested to read List of daily tasks helps you get back in the old routine (September 23).

Except for correspondence that is hateful or nasty, the top priority on your to-do list should always be to acknowledge receipt of messages you receive.

You never know how important it may be to communicate with those who take the trouble to write to you.

Kenneth Landriau, US

Praise for officer who saved girls

I was shocked to read Two little girls rescued from locked car (September 28).

How fortunate that this police officer saw these children and helped them.

I am amazed that, every day, children are still being left in cars - especially in this part of the world, where it gets so hot.

I am glad to see the authorities took action in this situation when they blocked the parents from leaving the car park.

However, I am curious to know what the result was.

L Martin, Dubai

Action required on child abuse

Doctors tell of trouble in reporting child abuse (September 28) made me feel sick.

In a country where there are so many advances in many areas, this is disgusting.

If people think they can get away with it, it will only escalate. I hope this is an issue the authorities will address.

A Williams, Dubai

Help zoo animals before crocodiles

Regarding Crocodiles to be introduced to Dubai (September 26), I think the money being used for this could be better spent on relocating the animals now housed at Dubai Zoo.

The facilities those animals live in are atrocious. Before opening a new facility, why not improve the existing facilities?

D Mews, Dubai