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Young saleswoman loses job and freedom over Dh89 jacket theft

Shop worker caught with coat in bag

A young woman lost her job and her freedom after stealing a Dh89 jacket from the shop she worked in.

Dubai Criminal Court heard the 25-year-old, from Cameroon, was leaving River Island at Mall of the Emirates when her colleague noticed the bag on her shoulder and asked to see what was inside.

“She opened it and I saw the jacket there, it still had the price tag on it," the Ugandan colleague, 37, testified.

"She told me she bought it, so I asked her for the receipt. She looked inside the bag and didn't find it then said she 'must have forgotten it at her place' and promised to bring it the next day."

She said that for the following two days, she didn't see the defendant because they were both off.

“When we came back to work, she was stalling about bringing the receipt, so I informed the management,” the witness said.

When the company looked into the alleged theft, the defendant said that she took the jacket because she felt cold, then forgot to return it.

She was convicted and sentenced to three months in jail to be followed by deportation.


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