x Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 23 January 2018

Worshippers to hear of Yemen's great need

Worshipers will be asked to donate what they can to the people of Yemen.

Today's sermon will remind worshippers that 10 million people in Yemen live in poverty, and ask them to donate what they can after the Friday prayer.

Any help will be rewarded by Allah, the sermon says.

"They are all appealing to you today for help, so let us bring relief to them and meet their needs," the imams will say. "Let us be of help to them so Allah the Almighty will be of help to us."

Worshippers will be told Yemenis "are enduring a difficult humanitarian situation, causing many segments of society to fall short of meeting their needs".

Many also lack resources and "might fail to feed their children", the sermon says. "It is our duty, therefore, to stand by them, so let us all support them and bring them relief.

"The Prophet Mohammed said: 'If anyone relieves a Muslim's hardship in this world then Allah will remove from him a hardship of the hereafter. And if anyone conceals a Muslim's fault then Allah will conceal [his fault] in the world and the hereafter. And Allah goes on helping the slave as long as the slave helps his brother'."

Muslims will be reminded that helping people is one of the best deeds in Islam.