x Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 22 January 2018

Workers still in ICU days after minibus crash

Doctors in Fujairah attempt to stabilise their condition before operating. The workers suffered head injuries and a ruptured liver in the accident that killed five colleagues.

Two construction workers remained in a critical condition yesterday three days after a minibus crash that killed five others.

"The next few days are important because their condition must stabilise," said Dr Mohammed Abdullah, the director of Fujairah Medical District.

"We have not operated because we are waiting for them to become stable. They are under close observation."

One man has head injuries and the other suffered a ruptured liver. Both are in intensive care. The men were among six workers being treated at Dibba Hospital.

The crash happened when the tyre of a minibus transporting the men to work burst on Thursday.

The 14-seater bus crashed into an embankment after skidding off the Dibba-Taween road.

Colleagues have been visiting the injured men daily.

"We go to meet them so they don't feel alone," said Manohar Lal, a colleague. "Everyone gets scared thinking what would happen if this happened to us. What would happen to our family? We meet them every day so they know they have some support here."

The men work for Sunline General Contracting and were en route to a housing construction project in Al Taween.

The process of repatriating the bodies of the five workers who died is to begin today.