x Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 19 January 2018

Worker denies molesting female colleagues

Two women say they were assaulted by a worker on their lunch break.

DUBAI // A worker denied molesting two of his female colleagues during their lunch break, Dubai Criminal Court heard on Sunday.

S A, 28, denied the charge of sexual assault.

Prosecutors told the court that between March 3 and March 6 this year the defendant, an Indian, molested both women by touching their breasts and forcing one of them to touch him.

T K, 36, a Kenyan cleaner, testified that she was in the corridor of the company where she and the defendant work when he came towards her and held her breast with both his hands.

“I screamed at him and pushed him away so he left me and went into the break room where my other colleague P K was sitting,” T K said.

P K, 27, a Nepali cleaner, said that she was sitting in the break room having lunch when the defendant came up to her and touched her breast.

“I felt angry at him and tried to leave the room but he held me with both hands then had me sit on the chair before he grabbed my hand and forced me to touch him,” the woman said.

P K said she screamed at him and then informed her supervisor, who called police.

A verdict is expected on June 29.