x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 24 January 2018

Women who threatened Emirati mother over money jailed at Dubai court

Pakistani woman said she would get someone to run over the Emirati's son if she did not get money, court hears.

DUBAI // A woman who threatened to have the son of an Emirati mother run over if the mother did not give her money was sentenced to two months in jail on Tuesday morning.

Dubai Criminal Court heard that, on April 12, Pakistani SA, 25, who shares an apartment with the Emirati mother, AA, 38, and her children, came into the house through the kitchen window and tried to attack one of AA’s daughters.

Prosecutors charged SA with issuing threats and insults and damaging property. She denied threatening and insulting AA but confessed to damaging property when she appeared in court in May.

“SA was very angry, she came in and smashed an iPhone and other items in the kitchen, then she came to the living room, where my kids and I were sitting and tried to attack my daughter,” said AA. “I told the kids to hide in a room and I locked the door.”

After the children were safely locked in the bedroom, the Emirati mother asked SA to come to another bedroom to talk.

One of AA’s daughters told prosecutors that she heard SA ask her mother for money, and threatening her that if she did not give her money, she would arrange to have her brother, M, run over by a car, or have a group of people attack him.

Emirati policeman SM, 24, said in records that a report of the incident was received at 9.30pm from a villa in Al Mizhar 1.

“Once there, the mother told us that she had been threatened by the defendant, and that SA smashed a phone, plates and cups that were in the kitchen,” said SM.