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Woman threatened to get policeman fired in cafe dispute, Dubai court hears

Officer said she verbally abused him and then threw a mobile phone at him.

DUBAI // An Ethiopian businesswoman threatened to have a policeman fired from his job, a court heard on Wednesday.

The accused, 36, denied charges at Dubai Criminal Court of verbally assaulting an officer of the law and threatening to fire him and have him deported from the country on July 14 last year.

The Yemeni officer was responding to the report of a fight at a cafe called into Naif police station.

“I went to the cafe at about 8.30pm and met with the man who filed the report. He told me an Ethiopian woman stole his wallet and mobile phone,” said the officer, who then had the man point at the woman who took his phone, the defendant’s friend.


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“When I asked her for an ID, the defendant suddenly walked in and stopped me from taking a look at the ID and when I told her this was police work, she threatened to have me fired and deported.”

The officer said the accused spoke to him in clear Arabic, after which he returned to his patrol car but she allegedly followed him and threw the mobile phone at him.

The officer’s partner testified to prosecutors and confirmed that the assault had happened.

The next hearing will be on April 2.


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