x Abu Dhabi, UAEThursday 27 July 2017

Woman swindled out of Dh700,000 in loans

Man arrested after pledging to marry woman who took out huge loans to help him with his financial troubles, police say

ABU DHABI // A woman took out two bank loans to pay Dh700,000 to an alleged con artist who promised to marry her, police said yesterday.

The woman, a 27-year-old Arab administrative officer identified as MH, complained to police when she suspected the man, identified as HM, 34, had embezzled the money. He has been arrested.

Brig Gen Hamad Al Hamady, the director of the Abu Dhabi Police CID, warned yesterday of the dangers of suspicious telephone and online relationships that can lead to emotional blackmail.

"We have detained the suspect after investigations revealed he emotionally blackmailed the woman into giving him the funds when he claimed that he was in financial trouble," said Brig Gen Al Hamady.

"The suspect, who is a personnel manager, met the woman when she came to apply for a job at his company for one of her relatives," he added.

HM denies the accusations, Brig Gen Al Hamady said, stating he stopped his relationship with the woman after she started asking him to pay her back for funds he had not taken.

HM has been referred to Abu Dhabi Prosecutors' Office to face charges of embezzlement.

"We call on every one who is emotionally blackmailed, whether a man or woman, to report such incidents immediately," he said.