Abu Dhabi, UAEThursday 23 May 2019

Woman suffers burns to the scalp after bungled beauty salon visit

Hairdresser fined after customer is forced to seek hospital treatment

A woman suffered burns to her scalp and lost much of her hair after a botched beauty salon appointment, a court heard.

The 40-year-old Moroccan visited the salon in Dubai's Festival City, on February 10, to change the colour of her hair but soon noticed her locks were falling out after chemicals were applied as part of the process.

The hairdresser convinced her that a small amount of hair loss was common, Dubai Court of Misdemeanours was told.

But the woman said she feared her hair was being "washed off' by the hairdresser, 35, also from Morocco.

“When she was done washing my hair, I noticed some of it falling out,” said the woman.

“She was washing the colour and I felt my hair being washed off along with it.”

The woman began to cry, prompting staff to tell her she didn't have to pay for the appointment.

The woman left the salon but woke up the next morning suffering a burning sensation to her head and then noticed most of her hair in clumps on her pillow.

“I immediately went to Rashid Hospital, where they told me I suffered multiple burns in the scalp,” she said. Police were then alerted.

The Moroccan accused was arrested and denied a charge of endangering lives.

“I asked her why her hair was in a bad shape and had multiple colours. She said she bought a hair colouring product from a supermarket and applied it days ago,” said the hairdresser.

The defendant was convicted of the charge and ordered to pay a Dh4,000 fine.

Updated: October 24, 2018 05:32 PM