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Woman dies after fall from 13th-floor apartment

Police said the 25-year-old jumped from the window of the apartment she shared with her family and maid.

ABU DHABI // A Syrian women fell to her death from a 13th floor yesterday in the Tourist Club area.

The 25-year-old fell at 5.30pm from the Sheikh Khalifa residence B4 building.

The cause of her fall was under investigation, police said.

A police patrol officer at the scene, Fahad al Jaberi, said the woman's father had informed police that she had suffered from mental illness.

"After eating, she climbed on a chair and jumped out of the window," Mr al Jaberi said.

After police arrived and found the body they saw an open window on the 13th floor, so they went to the house and spoke to the woman's father.

"Her father had no idea she was missing. Her sister was having a shower. We told him that a girl had jumped and asked him to go down with us to check. He was shocked, he had no idea," Mr al Jaberi said.

The girl lived with her father, two siblings and a maid. Her mother was out of the country when the accident occurred, police said.

Eye witnesses said the woman had hit the window of a neighbouring building as she fell and before impaling her leg on a fence pole as she hit the ground.

"I was in my house in B2 when I heard a lot of noise from the street," said Hia al Reyami, a 17-year-old Emirati resident at the adjacent building. "I looked and found people standing over someone on the floor."

The shopkeeper at the Al Mujama supermarket was one of the first at the scene and covered the women's face with his jacket, witnesses said.

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