x Abu Dhabi, UAESunday 21 January 2018

Woman accuses ex-husband of raping daughter, 3, after he refuses her a UAE passport, court told

Court hears that Moroccan is making claims against Emirati ex-husband after he refused to get her a UAE passport.

Haneen Dajani

ABU DHABI // A woman accused her ex-husband of raping their three-year-old daughter after he refused to get her a UAE passport, a court heard. The Moroccan woman claimed Emirati M had sex with the child “like adults”, and made her five-year-old daughter testify as a witness.

But the Criminal Court heard the woman had previously filed a similar case against her ex-husband, which was thrown out due to a lack of evidence.

Redness was found on the child’s private parts but the Emirati’s defence lawyer, Hadeya Al Hammadi, said the mother caused this.

“When she reported to police she said the girl had redness under her diaper but she only sent her to forensics two days later. Forensic medicine says such redness only lasts 24 hours,” she said.

The lawyer said forensic reports stated the girl was still a virgin.

The mother said she had a medical report that showed her daughter had been raped.

“Bring that report then,” the lawyer said.

The mother lost her temper and told the court: “I will leave the courtroom, she [the lawyer] is too provocative. I can’t stand to listen to her.”

The judge told the mother she should leave because she could not keep interrupting the defence.

As the woman left, her two daughters called to their father, hugging him and kissing him.

“If he truly attacked them, would they be running to him like that?” asked Ms Al Hammadi.

“It is clear she is taking revenge because he refused to give her the Emirati passport.”

The case was adjourned until October 23.