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Wife tells of horror as she watched husband fall from climbing wall

The two men injured in falls from Dubai climbing walls last month are still on the road to recovery.

DUBAI // A wife who witnessed her husband's fall from a rock-climbing wall said she thought he was going to die.

Dina Ahmad, 24, was beginning her climb when Ahmad Daoud, 27, fell about nine metres from the Adventure HQ rock climbing wall at Times Square.

"I remember the bang when he fell and saw his legs bend the wrong way," she said. "I saw him bleeding from his mouth then spit out some teeth. He started saying the Shahada [the prayer Muslims say when death is imminent] and I thought he was going to die."

Mr Daoud, 27, a Jordanian biomedical engineer survived the fall but broke his jaw, an arm, his pelvis, both legs and lost several teeth.

"When I hit the ground I couldn't move. I looked at my arm and legs and knew they were broken," said Mr Daoud. "I felt broken teeth in my mouth and spat them out."

Mr Daoud underwent his sixth surgery this week and will remain in hospital for another 10 days. He will undergo several months of physiotherapy. He said his vision remained blurry.

Another man also sustained serious injuries in a separate fall from a rock-climbing wall on September 8, less than 48 hours before Mr Daoud.

Mohamed Alavian, 24, who plunged from the Dorell Sports climbing wall at the Dubai World Trade Centre, visited the site on Monday for the first time since his fall.

He dropped 12 metres, fracturing his skull and an arm. He is out of the hospital but still has a cast and has twice undergone surgery.

"I'm so incredibly blessed and lucky to be alive and not paralysed," he said. "By the time I became aware of what happened I had been morphined up at the hospital and felt no pain."

The climbing wall from which Mr Alavian fell remains closed. Adventure HQ is open and operating.