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Wife 'slapped and punched' husband for leaving her

Man is assaulted by his second wife after telling her he had returned to his first wife.

DUBAI // A man's second wife beat him up after he told her he was returning to his first spouse, a court heard.

"Yes, I did hit him, he provoked me," the second wife NA, a 27-year-old Somali, admitted to the judge at the Dubai Court of Misdemeanours.

Her husband, AA, a 35-year-old from The Netherlands, said he had been married to his second wife for the past two years, and that this was not the first time she assaulted him.

"She has done it four times before," said the husband.

He said he filed a police complaint against her and that officers called them to Rashidiya Police Station on May 12 this year. While there, he told her he had returned to his first wife.

"She slapped me and punched me all over my body," said the husband, who suffered swelling in his right cheek.

When asked by an officer why she assaulted her husband, the second wife replied: "Because he cheated on me with his first wife".

She said her husband knew she was "intense" and that she needed relaxants to calm her down.

She was charged with assaulting the safety of her husband's body.

The next hearing was scheduled for October 16.

The two were said to be getting a divorce.