x Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 19 January 2018

Wife's victim report was forged, husband says

Husband claims medical report of assault was forged by sister-in-law who works for the Ministry of Health.

ABU DHABI // A man accused of beating and insulting his wife claims she fabricated a medical report to use in their divorce, an appeals court heard yesterday.

"Her sister works for the Ministry of Health in human resources, anyone could have done that favour for her," the Emirati MA said.

His wife, E, responded: "He is accusing my sister. My sister has been moved to Al Mafraq hospital … and this is Government. How can they forge a document?"

His lawyer said the report also mentioned she had psychological problems and that her children had also been hurt.

"The doctor who writes the report is supposed to be a GP," the lawyer said. "How does a GP know about psychological problems?"

She said she had been married for 13 years and that this was not the first time her husband had assaulted and insulted her.

"Why did she stay silent for 13 years if that was not the first time?" his lawyer asked. "She only pressed criminal charges after she filed the divorce suit."

At one point, the judge said to her: "He is a good man, why don't you reconcile?"

"You are not living with us, don't make judgments," she replied.

The husband said he was not opposed to a divorce, "but I object to the forged report".

His lawyer asked to provide a record of phone calls made by her from their home to show how she spent her time calling "wizards".

A verdict is expected this month.