x Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 28 July 2017

'Whatever your wealth, ask for divine blessing'

No matter how rich you are, you always need divine blessing, says Friday sermon.

Worshippers must seek divine blessing, or "barakah", for their wealth, no matter how rich they become, says today's sermon.

Muslims should do this by reciting the dua'a (prayer) that says: "O Allah! Bless us in what You have provided us."

Prophets and messengers were among those who used to ask for barakah.

The Prophet Ayub (Job) was quoted by the Prophet Mohammed as saying: "O Lord, but I cannot dispense with your Blessing."

Those who are honest in life will be granted barakah.

"The blessing will equally recompense a merchant if he is honest in his business and tolerant with people when need be," the sermon says. "He will enjoy a good reputation and his wealth will flourish."

But seeking divine blessing should not solely be about receiving money.

"There are many people who are pleased with the little that Allah has offered them. But they live happily," notes the sermon.

It quotes the Prophet Mohammed as saying: "Indeed, Allah the Almighty tests his servant of what He has given him.

"If he is happy with what Allah has given him, He will bless his lot in life and cause it to prosper.

"Those who are not satisfied with what Allah has given them, they will not receive Allah's blessing."