Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 16 July 2019

Warning for negligent parents after police come to rescue of 150 trapped children

Police have been called out to free children stuck in cars, lifts and their own homes this year

Police in Dubai have warned 'negligent' parents they are putting young lives in danger after the force rescued 150 children trapped in cars, homes and lifts.

Police were called to help 75 children trapped in cars and 73 stuck in houses, while another three were saved from lifts, during the first nine months of the year.

The incidents have prompted a safety warning by a police chief in the emirate.

Lt Col Abdullah Bishouh, head of the land transport department at Dubai Police, told Arabic newspaper Emarat Al Youm that in some instances, rescue teams saved the lives of children moments before they suffocated.

He called on parents to be extra vigilant.

“Such accidents are a result of the family’s negligence and lack of awareness. It’s the responsibility of the family to keep the child safe from any harm,” Lt Col Bishouh said.

Many of the incidents involving children trapped in cars took place at shopping malls, public parks and home.


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“Incidents happen when parents rush to go to the park or the mall and do not make sure that all the children are with them and that no one is left in the car.

“Other incidents happen when children sneak into the open car and lock themselves inside. This is considered the most dangerous case, as parents might not immediately notice the child's disappearance.”

He said that cases involving children trapped in homes might be less dangerous, but it could still cause them great distress.

Lt Col Bishouh warned parents about the fascination children had with lifts.

“Many children act in a curious way and put their fingers in the gap between the door and elevator, which makes them vulnerable to serious injuries, as there have been incidents recorded previously of children whose fingers were amputated in similar incidents,” he said.

Lt Col Bishouh urged families to always monitor their children and never leave them unattended.

Updated: November 7, 2018 06:18 AM