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Wadeema’s killer accused of attacking fellow prisoner over bag of crisps

The woman serving a life sentence for the killing of eight-year-old girl Wadeema is facing new charges of assaulting a fellow prisoner whom she accused of feeding crisps to her 11-month-old son.

DUBAI // The woman jailed for the murder and torture of eight-year-old Wadeema has been accused of assaulting a prisoner.

Emirati AM, 28, is serving a life sentence for helping her boyfriend murder and torture Wadeema, his daughter.

The case horrified the nation and led to the creation of a new child protection law.

The woman is accused of attacking a fellow inmate she believed had given her 11-month-old son crisps.

Moroccan K B said she offered to look after the child on September 14, according to police records.

“I took him to my nearby cell and gave him juice but his mother came and saw a chili chips bag in my hand and accused me of giving it to him,” she said.

The Moroccan said the Emirati attacked her, sticking her nails in her throat and trying to strangle her.

Fellow prisoners broke up the fight until police officers arrived.

The Emirati said the Moroccan had taken the boy from his chair without her permission.

“I noticed her as she walked away with him and followed her, then saw my son with very red eyes as she was giving him the chili chips,” she said.

She said she asked the Moroccan why she was giving her son crisps and claimed she was attacked.

Policewoman A A said the Emirati threw the Moroccan to the ground, strangled her and continued to assault her after officers had arrived.

“She threw her to the ground and surrounded her neck with her hands then when we came later she assaulted her again in front of us,” said the policewoman.

She said the Moroccan did not fight back, but simply tried to cover her head and upper body to protect herself.

The Emirati was not present at the Dubai Court of Misdemeanours on Sunday to enter a plea.

The next hearing will be on January 8 to summon the defendant.


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