x Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 25 July 2017

Virtual game to keep Dubai drivers safe

The Dubai public prosecution launches a computer game for players to 'drive' along Dubai roads safely, or face fines and risk losing points.

DUBAI // A computer game in which players drive along virtual roads and gain points for abiding by traffic laws is being launched by the Public Prosecution to increase road safety.

First Advocate Yousif Al Mutawa said the game would be in Apple stores for downloading on to iPads and iPhones from February next year.

"It is a unique idea and we are looking forward to seeing it help spread traffic awareness," Mr Al Mutawa told the Gitex Technology Week at the Dubai World Trade Centre yesterday.

After downloading the game, players choose a licence plate number and begin a "race" on Dubai roads, which are copied down to the placement of traffic signals and speed radars.

The race is won not by speeding, but by sticking to traffic rules, including speed limits.

"Violations such as speeding, running over a person, colliding with other cars or preventing pedestrians from crossing the road are designed to be part of the game and the driver will lose points and get a ticket for them," said Mr Al Mutawa.

Players who breach traffic laws are issued a ticket that lists all of their offences. Serious violations result in the seizure of the player's car.

Only players with clean sheets are able to move to the next level.

Mr Al Mutawa said the game was aimed at young motorists, who were responsible for most traffic accidents.

"They will enjoy themselves and also benefit," he said.

He said the charge for downloading the game would be minimal.