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'Vampire' driver molested six-year-old girl, court told

Girl molested by driver who was playing a game of vampires, court told.

A six-year-old girl was molested at her father's home by a driver who was playing a game of 'vampires', a court heard yesterday.

Prosecutors told the Criminal Court of First Instance that DT, a 21-year-old Sri Lankan driver, admitted kissing the girl while playing the game, but denied sexual assault.

He is said to have kissed her on the neck, cheek and thighs.

The court heard that the child, from the United Kingdom, had been dropped off by her 27-year-old mother AM at the girl's father's house on July 17 last year.

AM said that when she picked up her daughter she spotted bruises on her neck and face and asked her about them.

"She told me that she played vampires with the maid's friend," AM said.

"I called her father and asked him what happened but he claimed that he himself was out of the house at the time," she added.

The mother then took the girl for a rape test

The paediatric surgeon who examined the child said that the marks "appeared to have been caused by someone sucking on her skin".

The court will reconvene on March 8.