x Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 23 January 2018

‘Uprooting to Abu Dhabi would take a huge toll on my family’

Moving to Abu Dhabi is causing upheaval in the life of one government employee.

One senior government official believes the move to the capital might cause too much upheaval to his family.

The man said his family are settled in Dubai. His two children attend the Wellington International School, which is just metres from his home and he believes is the best school in the emirate, while his wife is close to getting a job in Dubai after struggling to find one in Abu Dhabi.

Moving to Abu Dhabi would mean his family giving up their spacious Dh160,000-a-year four-bedroom villa on Sheikh Zayed Road, complete with a swimming pool and ample parking. Similar accommodation in Abu Dhabi would cost at least Dh300,000.

Because he wants the best education for his children, he has investigated the British schools in the capital but discovered there are no places available.

And while uprooting his family is out of the question, his own situation is also unsure. He is exploring other options, including living in Al Ain on weekdays, commuting to work and returning to live in Dubai at the weekends with his family.

Changing jobs is another option, he said.