x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 26 July 2017

UAE web surfers are twice as likely to use Facebook

Almost half the UAE's internet users are active members, the social networking company says.

Almost half the UAE's internet users are active members of Facebook, the social networking company says, making local Web surfers more than twice as likely to use the site as the global average. The surprising data also show Facebook presents more total pages to UAE viewers than it does in Saudi Arabia, which has 300,000 more users. "In Saudi Arabia we are at about 25 per cent penetration, and users have an average of about 60 friends on the site, so their propensity to use it regularly isn't as high," said Mark Cowan, Facebook's regional manager for emerging markets. "Here, there is 45 per cent penetration and users average around 100 friends, so people have a lot more reasons to log in."

Worldwide, about 22 per cent of internet users are regular visitors to Facebook. Yesterday in Dubai the company demonstrated its advertising systems to local agencies and media buyers, alongside its new regional advertising partner, Egypt's Connect Ads, which will encourage regional companies to build applications for the site. tgara@thenational.ae