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UAE weather: Humidity expected to continue

Residents complained of humid and hot conditions as temperatures reached as high as 48.8ºC in Umm Azimul on Monday.

ABU DHABI // Humidity and high temperatures are expected to continue this week, with residents saying it is increasingly challenging to work outside, especially while fasting.

Temperatures on Monday reached as high as 48.8ºC in Umm Azimul, while relative humidity levels were expected at up to 80 per cent in internal areas and 90 per cent in coastal areas, according to the National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology.

Mohammed Amin, a delivery man for a grocery store in Abu Dhabi, said harsh weather is making his work challenging and that, so far, it seems tougher than last year.

“My work responsibility is usually outdoors,” said Mr Amin, a 25-year-old Bengali who works 12 hours a day. “And I am also fasting during the holy month of Ramadan, so it’s really tough to work outside.”

The humidity is a greater hindrance than the high temperature, said Ahmed Essa, a 36-year-old Egyptian who works in the capital.

“Though I work in an air-conditioned office, going out to the mosque for dhuhr and asr prayers is really challenging, especially during fasting,” said Mr Essa, an accountant.

Those who are fasting should avoid going outside during peak hours of the day, said Dr Amera Shah, primary care consultant at American Hospital in Dubai. People should be careful about the foods they eat as well.

“During suhoor, one should avoid salty food, as it leads to thirst during the fast, whereass while breaking the fast, one should not drink cold water and avoid fried food on an empty stomach,” she said.

“Dates are the best diet in both times during summers.”

Partly cloudy skies and haze at times are expected through Wednesday, with moderate to fresh winds keeping conditions more tolerable.


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