x Abu Dhabi, UAEThursday 27 July 2017

UAE residents thrilled to win car with a morning cup of tea

Fortune is written in the teabag for two men who have won a Chevrolet Captiva as part of Lipton's second annual 'Dip and Win' campaign.

Pascal Albert Vetus and Abdul Rahman Ahmad Abdulhadi were in for a surprise when they had their morning cup of tea recently.

Both won a Chevrolet Captiva as part of Lipton's second annual "Dip and Win" campaign.

"I couldn't believe when I saw the teabag. I dipped and it showed that I had won a car," said Mr Vetus, a Dubai resident who works as a construction superintendent in Abu Dhabi. "I never thought that something regular and ordinary as drinking tea would bring me so much excitement and happiness."

With special branded packs of Lipton Yellow Label and Lipton Clear Green tea, consumers can discover if they are winners when the teabag hits the water. Special technology instantly reveals images on the teabags showing consumers what they have won.

Mr Abdulhadi, an electrical engineer in Abu Dhabi, said he had never won anything in his life. His wife woke him up to tell him about winning a prize.

"One of the those few times you wake me up with a surprise," he said. "My wife and I are very excited with our new car..."

The campaign, which ran across the GCC, grew in its second year, with prizes including 12 cars, televisions, tablets, smartphones, cameras and mp3 players.