x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 17 January 2018

UAE joins UK to help educate girls in Pakistan and Afghanistan


ABU DHABI // Helping girls go to school in Pakistan and Afghanistan has become a new joint mission for the UAE and the UK.

At a meeting between the two country's government officials in London, a series of decisions were made to bring together the two nations efforts in tackling any future humanitarian crises.

Dr Saeed Al Shamsi, Assistant Foreign Minister for International Organisations at the UAE Ministry, said they would work together "to provide more effective humanitarian and foreign aid to countries suffering from poverty, hunger, natural disaster, and conflicts around the world".

As two major foreign aid contributors, they decided that they would monitor social development and poverty reduction programmes to ensure their effective delivery and value for money.

They plan to also work together to help countries at risk of disaster become more resilient by strengthening their ability to anticipate them.

Other than projects in Pakistan and Afghanistan, they plan to also coordinate assistance in Yemen.