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UAE history quiz: The Answers

So how well do you know the UAE? Here are the answers to our quiz.

Thanks for taking our quiz on the history of the United Arab Emirates. Let's see how well you did, here are the answers:

1) In which year did Sheikh Zayed pass away? ANSWER: B

2) In which year were the first oilfields discovered in the UAE? ANSWER: B

3) When was the GCC created? ANSWER: A

4) With which country did the UAE's sheikhs sign a treaty in 1820? ANSWER: C

5) Which these islands is NOT occupied by Iran? ANSWER: C

6) Which two emirates are ruled by branches of the same family? ANSWER: D

7) Where was the pre-Islamic trading port of Al Dour? ANSWER: B

8) What was the name of mother of Sheikh Zayed and Shiekh Shakhbut? ANSWER: A

9) Which university was the first to open in the UAE? ANSWER: B

10) On what date was the UAE founded? ANSWER: D

11) In which century was the famous battle at Dibba? ANSWER: C

12) How many emirates formed the UAE when it was founded? ANSWER: B

13) Which country's navy invaded Khor Fakkan in the 16th century? ANSWER: C

14) What type of remains were discovered recently on the island of Bani Yas? ANSWER: D

15) Which country's cultured pearls were the undoing of the UAE's pearl fishing industry? ANSWER: D


The answer to question 8 in this quiz has been amended since original publication.  The name of the mother of Sheikh Zayed and Sheikh Shakhbut was Sheikha Salama Bint Butti.  The National apologises for the error.