Abu Dhabi, UAESaturday 20 July 2019

UAE Friday sermon: the merits of creative thinking

Worshippers will be told that Prophet Mohammed would encourage his companions to contemplate and give him advice

Mosque-goers on Friday will be encouraged to think outside of the box, contemplate and discover new knowledge as Allah honoured Man with reasoning and urged them to think and deliberate.

An indication to such standing of intellect has been mentioned in Quran around 49 times in which Man was told to think and reflect upon the signs of Allah, “know that Allah gives life to the earth after its lifelessness. We have made clear to you the signs; perhaps you will understand.” (Al-Hadid: 17).

Allah has praised people of intellect who view the realities of existence with thoughtful care, draw lessons from them and see in them signs reminding them of their Creator by saying, “indeed, in that are signs for those of intelligence.” (Taha: 54). This means these are signs for those of sound and straightforward minds, the sermon will say.

Worshippers will be told that Prophet Mohammed would encourage his companions to use their reasoning, contemplate and come up with creative ideas, through consultation and discussion similar to brainstorming where minds get connected and produce ideas.

As such, he used to address his companions saying, “Give me an advice.”

He also encouraged his companions to strive in the way of finding appropriate solutions to challenging issues by taking sufficient time to deliberate on them before arriving at a decision.

Moreover, he cemented the concept that when the judge passes a judgement in which he strived and was correct, then he receives two rewards. And when he judges and is mistaken, then he receives one reward. Indeed, these exhortations were aimed at developing a critical mind and put intellect in its true role.

Worshipers will also be urged to always enrich their gatherings with new ideas and thoughts and encourage their daughters and sons to think in a creative way.

Ideas are a ceaseless fountain and an everlasting spring and one needs only to make good use of the blessing of reason and direct it to all that which is beneficial to themselves, their homeland and humanity on a broader level.

Achieving such noble goals can be possible through thinking outside of the box so as to reach to innovation and discover new knowledge in all the different areas of life, the sermon will say.

The blessing of reason is a gift from Allah and the responsibility of taking care of it lies in our hands. Thus we will be questioned about it on the Day of Judgment.

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