Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 26 August 2019

UAE Friday sermon:‎ the importance of brotherhood in Islam

Worshippers will be reminded of the blessing of having siblings and the duties of a brother during the sermon this Friday.

Allah has endowed upon the human being the blessing of having siblings, being a priceless gift from Him, worshippers will hear on Friday.

It was illustrated in the Holy Book in the story of Prophet Musa (Moses), for He says, “and We gave him out of Our mercy his brother Aaron as a prophet.” (Mariam: 53).

The gift was awarded by Allah in response to the supplication of Prophet Musa to his Lord to make his brother Haroon (Aaron) a helping hand for him in his life affairs.

So, he invoked Him saying, “increase through him my strength. And let him share my task.” (Taha: 31-32).

The sermon will tell worshippers that a brother to a brother is a protection shield, aid and a source of strength.

They stand by one another and help each other with all that which they can afford. As such, a brother becomes the refuge to which his brothers can seek while facing the burdens of life, embodying in this the perfect and most beautiful and honourable bonds.

Through their firm ties, brothers impart happiness and tranquillity to the hearts of their parents, consolidation and harmony to their families as well as solidarity and peace to their society.

Prophet Mohammed has advocated us that one’s brother, whether a biological one or a milk kinship, are the most people worthy of one’s kindness and honouring after parents and sisters.

He said, “Do acts of goodness towards your mother, your father, your sister, your brother, then the next closest, and then the next closest.”

As for the aspects of goodness towards brother, they involve asking about him, about his children and family members, as well as checking about his conditions, showing love to him, visiting him and sharing with him every happy and sad moment in life.

Furthermore, one other aspect of the splendid relationship between brothers is that each one of them is a mirror for the other.

If one of them sees a flaw in the other, he hastens to correct it; when he finds in him a shortcoming, he strives to perfect it; and when he gives him a piece of advice, he will be honest and sincere in doing so.

On this account, the Prophet said, “If one of you was asked for advice by his brother, he should do so.”

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