Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 16 July 2019

UAE Friday sermon: smiling is an act of charity

Mosque-goers will be told to follow the example of Prophet Mohammed, who always smiled.

Prophet Mohammed said “Smiling in the face of your brother (another) is an act of charity,” which means that smiling at others is regarded as a good deed and carries the same weight as giving to charity, mosque-goers will be told on Friday.

This is because smiling reflects purity of soul and beauty of the spirit, the sermon will say.

Smiling is also an expression of happiness and a means of spreading love among people.

Worshippers will be told that smiling has many positive effects and was part of the guidance of all the prophets and messengers.

It is said Prophet Mohammed always smiled, even until the very last minutes of his life. About such kind demeanour, Anas, narrated, “The Muslims were offering the Fajr prayer on Monday — the day of the Prophet’s demise. When the people aligned (in rows) for the prayer, the Prophet pbuh lifted the curtain of his house and started looking at us and was standing at that time. His face was (glittering) like a page of the Quran and he smiled cheerfully.”

A genuine smile is the fastest method of communication and is the sincerest of expressions that brings people closer together, the sermon will say. Thus, a smile has a positive impact on the community.

The power of smile can also be seen in family life as many families restored their happy and stable life thanks to cheerfulness and smiling faces of their members.

Trade is also an arena where smiling can have positive impact on the growth of business when a business owner treats customers gently and meets them with a smile.

Truly, a smile sends out a signal of love and sharing. This is why a scholar said, “When you are with people (in a gathering), you should smile often and meet them with a cheerful face.”

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